Monday, August 31, 2009

15 Point 14th Century Action Plan

theGOPisDEAD would like to bring your attention to a 93-page research paper written by a consummate reptile, Republican Bob McDonnell. In it he speaks about a Christian conservative worldview that criticizes "cohabitators, homosexuals and fornicators" and described working women and feminists "detrimental" to family values.

"The thesis was called "The Republican Party's Vision for the Family: The Compelling Issue of the Decade. It laid out very explicitly his vision for the role of government, as well as, his vision for a social agenda that should dominate governance, and it even went beyond just a personal political philosophy,"

"It had a 15-point action plan for how to implement that philosophy."

Meanwhile back at the farm the family values argument plays out as yet one more hypocritical montage after another. A heterogeneous mixture of f*** your way of life because my way is gonna get you into the pearly gates of heaven.

McDonnell's newly-discovered 1989 graduate thesis is quite a revelation that will most assuredly sink the GOP's 2012 bid for1600 Pennsylvania Ave. There is no shortage of wolf crying prophets in the GOP party. He is in good company with political martyrs like Palin striking the hot chord of damnation for all sinners/voters of 2012, which also coincides with other famous predictions for two-thousand and twelve's apocalypse now prophecy that foretells the end of the world...!!

It makes us wonder at theGOPisDEAD, just how far to use a pejorative term, that "bible thumpers" will go to aggressively push their Christian beliefs upon those of us who do not share them? Or a better question, just how long before people recognize this hateful pontification for what it truly is...tired ass dogmatic and inflexible ideology.

If all signs point to McDonnell's theory being propagated as the way to govern (G.W.B. take II), then run as fast as you can away from this crazy amalgamation of Fear and Prejudice (sequel to Fear & Loathing)! Oh yes we know your next observation reptile. "Well they (meaning we sinners, infidels, and despots) are assaulting Christians, family values, and Santa Claus so we're turn'n up the proverbial Jesus heat.

Most Republican bible thumpers which ironically seem to always intersect at the same creepy place as if all God fearing Christians come with the GOP brand and are concentrated in areas where the state is blood red with Amurican pride and rebel flags in cohabitation with yards upon yards of white sheets with holes cut in them. WTF? We digress...and run on.

Point is, dudes like McDonnell will give anything to have us believe it is bad to progress. It is bad to evolve. It is bad to be tolerant of others. It is bad to think critically. It is bad to empathize, understand, and intellectualize the differences between human beings. And most importantly, God hates some of his own creations.

Being all-knowing and all...wouldn't God have figured that s*** out before spinning the pottery wheel to make a new bowl or plate? We can see it now, God says, "DAMN it! I made another gay ass coffee mug!"

He wants us to believe that God only loves those who think the way he thinks. He wants us to believe in the power of a loving God that creates individuals like him that hate every other thing...not like him. We say, he can suck it. And by "It" we mean...he can suck it the tabloids read, "McDonnell Caught With Tranny, Transgendered, Hermaphrodite, Mormon Hooker!" Hey, theGOPisDEAD can dream. ;)

If such a headline ever comes to pass...we won't say, I told you so. \M/ (heavy metal horns)

We love this guy!!! He is the gift that keeps giving to the Republican party. The more they spew this vomit...and ignorance towards others...the deeper in that cave they go until they disappear like the dinosaurs they denounce. Self-fulfilled prophecy.

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